Research in 2015

I'm just reflecting on 2015 as a research year. In May, I presented some of the work we've been doing on urban wildlife at the Urban Wildlife Conference in Chicago, which was very exciting. I've also been working with my PhD student, Tracy Timmins, on various other aspects of the urban wildlife data, all as part of the project led by Sue Ruddick, the Principal Investigator of this large project we are doing to study the human-wildlife relationship in Toronto.

I've also had a new PhD student, Nyssa Trip, join the lab. Nyssa's working on urban ecology as well, but in the landscape ecology context, thinking about urban parks. She's at an early stage of research, but it is an important area to work in.

We've got some interesting projects with MES students on these topics as well, not to mention other interesting spatial analyses, which you'll be seeing in 2016.

I've also spent a fair amount of time this year thinking about education and the relationship to research. I published another article in the Radical Teacher, and I'm doing a course on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at York's Teaching Commons.

I believe that we'll be rolling out some publications (submissions at any rate) in 2016 from these projects, seeing the results of the work we did in 2015.