PhD Students

Brian Waters (PhD Candidate, Geography)

Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti (PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies)

Mohsen Alavi (PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies)

Mohsen is working on shared mobility systems in urban settings.

Tracy Timmins (PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies)


I am investigating human-raccoon encounters and conflict in Toronto in order to understand ecological and social causes of human-wildlife conflict and develop strategies to support coexistence. For the purposes of collecting data on human-raccoon encounters and engaging the public in urban wildlife issues, I am developing an online citizen science tool which would collect and aggregate citizen-shared multimedia data about encounters.

My background is in Geomatics, specializing in GIS, spatial analysis and spatial ecology. I completed an MSc in Geomatics at the University of Calgary where I investigated environmental predictors of grizzly bear health using spatial autoregression modelling. In addition I have several years of work experience in GIS, mapping, conservation planning, and landscape modelling.

My research interests include spatial ecology, human-wildlife conflict and coexistence, animal behaviour, as well as the philosophy of human-animal ethics.